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The Hidden Motivator Behind Most Luxury Sales

A theory…

Embedded in human nature is the need for approval.

People are often motivated by the deep-seated pyschologic need to be liked and respected.We are conscious of our place in the social order of family, work and the world at large. This hidden motivator often deeply drives our behaviors. What kind of car we drive makes a statement about our values.We dress so others will think well of us.Our manners, our speech patterns are often easily seen as attempts to gain the favor of others.With me so far?

I have often believed that one of man’s greatest drivers is his mother-in-law.

This became clear when I tried to understand the motives leading to the purchase of a luxury home.

Why would one be motivated to spend $3,000,000 when $1,200,000 would provide a perfectly adequate dwelling.And when actually maybe $500,000 would meet the true temporal needs of the well-off family.

Then I thought of the mother-in-law effect. What is it going to take to convince that old bat you are not the loser jerk she has always perceived you to be?Not every quite good enough for her precious princess?

That’s it! The mansion on the hill. The ultimate “hey look at me, I must be OK” statement for the whole world to see.Especially for the maternal grandmother of your well clothed, coiffed and educated children.

Once and for all, Christmas dinner with the mother-in-law’s side of the family in a home that takes a GPS to find the nearest power room, should do the trick.Finally, she’ll see her little darling really did make a good choice in her man.

Appearances count.We can never forget that when marketing luxury goods. Behind the purchase is a need to make a statement of some kind, so someone significant in the life of the purchaser.Everything the marketer touches must support the outward statement the purchaser is trying to make.

….I’m just sayin’

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