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From the MBA Centennial Video: Helping launch the big dig. The team that knows how to shovel it!

I just received a glossy, full color 44-page “President’s Report” from the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties.  I wonder if these guys have gotten the memo.  Their members are hurting.  The New Home Industry is under siege!  I’m more optimistic than the next guy about good things lying ahead, but right now, I have to wonder why I’m paying these guys big dues so the “President” can report in the most old-skool of ways.  Here’s a suggestion:  try the Internet for Sam’s sake!  Email your report.  Post on the Association website.  Put it on Sam’s Facebook page.  Anything but print and mail a 44-page slick report that actually does little to address the core issues that face our industry.  And  if any MBA’ers are thinking I’m being a little harsh?  Be damn glad I didn’t choose to pick on the wretched, self-serving excess of that thick hard cover you published this year for the 100th Anniversary.  Can I find anything GOOD to say about the Pres’s report? The orange on the back cover is pretty nifty!


Facebook is Not Free

facebook1 Facebook is Not Free

“Facebook is Free.” So is Twitter, your Blog and those incessant email blasts we send and receive.That “Free” thing is quite far from the truth, actually!Access to these services may be at no-charge, but using them correctly and effectively is far from free.

That is a good thing.

The typical consumer does not value FREE. We are attracted to free. We are enticed and tempted by free.For years consumer research has shown that the average consumer cares more about products and services they have to pay for than those they don’t invest in.So the fact that “Facebook” has a cost is a good thing.

What is the cost? It’s the cost of creating good content and management.An effective Facebook, Twitter, blog or other Social Media campaign requires commitment and investment.A company and its leadership must treat Social Media like any other communications investment. Put enough resources against the job to do it right, or don’t do it at all.The resources can be the management time needed to state some goals and scratch out a posting schedule on the back of a napkin.It can be the staff time needed to research and add posts.The time it takes to respond to friends, fans and customers.The resolve to promote your Social presence in other places such as on your website, business cards, email signature, literature and packaging.The costs may seem quite reasonable compared to a major advertising or public relations campaign, but when we know we’re making an investment, we’ll take much more care in making it pay off.That is a good thing.

There is also another cost that we often do not see. That is the cost to our audience. I am sure we all put a high value on our own time and attention.We hate meaningless interruptions and rude intrusions on our attention.Remember that when you post.Your friends, fans and customers are investing their precious time and attention in reading what you have to say. Say it well. Say it concisely and move on.

I hope that’s what I’ve done here.