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Who Is Fusion?

SQ. FT. is the title of a blog and a newsletter published byFusionhappens, LLC., Seattle Washington.

Al Doyle, Creative Director and William V. May, Director of Client services are the primary writers and strategists for both he blog and the company.

Our aim is to call attention to the projects and people who are doing exciting things in the New Home and New Home Communities industries. We believe there is little as important or as personal as one’s choice of where to live.  Over the years we have had the honor to meet some very talented people who have dedicated their careers to creating better homes and neighborhood.  Our list of heroes includes architects, landscape and land use experts, designers, engineers, envirotechs, interior merchandisers, sales professionals, developers, craftspersons, artists, home builders and an attorney or two.

We invite you to help us celebrate this industry. Feel free to submit suggestions of people, projects or people you think would be interesting for others to read about.  Are you one of them?  Email your suggestions to william@fusionhappens.com or leave a comment on one of our blog articles.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out.

Fusion is a multi-service real estate consulting,  communications, marketing, and branding team dedicated solely to real estate.We are passionate about helping to shape where people will live, work and play.

Fusion is passionate about helping our clients out think the competition.We strive for fresh ideas, aggressive executions, and break-through thinking.We’ve got the talent, experience, and heart to make a huge difference in your business. And we care.The people you meet at Fusion are the people who do the work.They same ones who can’t sleep some nights because they’re busy thinking up new ways to help you out-smart, out run, and out sell your competition.

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  1. Brian Dempsey March 2nd, 2009 9:38 am

    Hi Al – are you attending the upcoming Eco Tour on the island this Sunday? Do you know of others that would be interested in attending? This is a first for Bainbridge, but hopefully not the last!!

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